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Reasons to Choose us

Nurturing Environment

Ashmore Community Children’s Centre is a small centre that has a maximum of 44 children each day. The beauty of a small centre like ours is that all the educators and staff have a close personal relationship with the children and their extended families.

Delicious Meals

The centre provides healthy and nutritious meals, all prepared in our on-site kitchen by our dedicated cooks. Our menu is approved by Nutrition Australia and reflects the dietary needs of the children in our care.

Fantastic Parents

The centre is overseen by a volunteer Parent Management Committee, and this gives parents a fantastic opportunity to contribute their expertise and also be involved in the decisions that shape the direction of the centre.

Interactive Programs

The centre provides a range of interactive programs across the rooms, including Incursions, Sport, and Abecedarian Approach – 3A that places a priority on children’s language acquisition.

How to enrol?

To submit your details to our enrolment waiting list: